Bayberry estates is a plan to build up to 250 housing units in Pepperell on 60 acres of land between Bayberry and Ashley streets.
The project is setting aside 25% of the units for low income. This allows the project to use Chapter 40B rules to bypass local zoning to implement this high density project.
The implications of such a significant project in this remote

area of Pepperell are numerous.
This project will affect everyone who lives in Pepperell!!!
This web site is for your use to become aware of the project and to find out how you can join concerned citizens in responding to this proposal.
Please consider how you can help by reviewing the resources available below.


Bayberry Estates Project

Pepperell Natural Resources

Pepperell Natural Resources

What can you do?

Attend meetings of town boards

Turtle Watch (Report Endangered Turtles!)

Provide Financial Support to Oppose This Development

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Area Map to show project scale

Annotated map of the project
What is Chapter 40B?
Zoning Board of Appeals Resources

Chapter 40B news articles

Before and After - Bayberry Road and 40B in Groton

Bayberry Estates Project Resources

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Heald Pond Dam - Dangerous Road is Prime Access Route

Pepperell Natural Resources Association Documents

Pepperell Town Documents related to Bayberry Estates

Submittals by the Developer

Pepperell Affordable Housing Plan - DRAFT

Pepperell Affordable Housing Plan - DRAFT

Jan 30 ZBA meeting canceled, no reschedule date set.

NHESP Priority Habitats of Rare Species map