NHESP Priority Habitats of Rare Species

This map was generated using the Massachusetts Geographic Information System. The green hash area is designated both as NHESP Priority Habitats of Rare Species and NHESP Estimated Habitats of Rare Wildlife. Ellen Fisher, Pepperell’s Conservation Commission Administrator, wrote:

“The Massachusetts Natural Heritage and Endangered Species Program (NHESP) has published a new edition of the Priority Habitats and Estimated Habitats Map, effective October 1, 2006. Compared to the previous map (dated July 1, 2003), an area of Priority and Estimated Habitat in northwest Pepperell and northeast Townsend has been expanded on the new map to include land surrounding Heald Pond and Coon Tree Pond, Gulf Brook, the western part of Pepperell Springs, land on both sides of Bayberry Street, Ashley Street, Cranberry Street, Wheeler Street, and the western side of Chestnut Street. Proposed projects within Estimated Habitat that require a Notice of Intent to be filed with the Conservation Commission must submit the project plans for comment to NHESP. In addition, unless they qualify for an exemption, proposed projects within Priority Habitat must apply for a permit under the Massachusetts Endangered Species Act (MESA) even if they are not in or close to wetland resource areas.”

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