Turtle Watch (Report endangered turtles!)

The wildlife habitat areas in Pepperell are rich in diverse animal species and varied woodlands, uplands and wetlands. One of the simplest ways for residents to help prevent destruction of these valuable natural resources is to report any sightings of endangered species. Just having seen one does nothing, it must be photographed, reported and certified by the state Natural Heritage Program.

From early spring into summer and fall, turtles are active in wetlands, uplands and traveling through yards, across streets, and basking in the sun. Common turtles that are not endangered are the snapping turtle and the Eastern painted turtle. Endangered turtles include the spotted turtle, wood turtle, Blanding's turtle, and Eastern box turtle. Pictures and descriptions of each of these are given in following pages that were copied from:

"A Field Guide to the Animals of Vernal Pools", Leo P. Kenney and Matthew R. Burne, Massachusetts Division of Fisheries and Wildlife, Natural Heritage & Endangered Species Program, and Vernal Pool Association, May 2001

This guide identifies amphibians and reptiles of Massachusetts and can be purchased for about $5 from NHESP.

Snapping Turtle

Eastern Painted Turtle

Links to endangered turtles

Spotted Turtle

Wood Turtle

Blanding's Turtle

Eastern Box Turtle

If you see any endangered turtle in the area around Heald Pond, Heald Street Orchard, out to West Street, Ashley Street, Bayberry Street and up to Chestnut and Oak Hill, mark the spot, put the turtle in a box with some leaves from the area, and contact Paula Terrasi:

Cell Phone: 978-314-1910

Home Phone: 978-433-6068

Email: lakelover207@yahoo.com

If you think the turtle you've found is carrying a transmitter on its back, be sure to tell Paula when you talk to her. It could already be under surveillance by our Homeland Security Team!

Links to common turtles these are not endangered. Just leave them alone

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